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Afternoon Tea with a Bunny on Top

April 2018: Just back from enjoying a wonderful, delicious and rather girly afternoon tea at The Lygon Arms. The afternoon tea was the loveliest… it was the very special “Peter Rabbit Afternoon Tea”. The traditional afternoon tea on the two bottom layers, but on the top was a little garden of delights in the form of rabbits, bunny ears, hedgehogs, foxes and Easter egg baskets.

One of our favourite places

While the girls were enjoying the sweet treats of Peter Rabbit, we had the utterly delicious traditional Afternoon Tea and as with everything that comes out of the kitchen at The Lygon, it was just perfect. Lovely sandwiches on the bottom tier, perfect scones, clotted creams and jam on the middle tier, and the sweetest treats saved for last on the top tier. Just another heavenly afternoon spent at The Lygon Arms, one of our favourite places where we just keep coming back again and again.

Cream first or jam first?

The scones in the afternoon tea were pure perfection and this lead, of course, to one of us asking the age-old question: Jam or cream first? Well, the girls decided it would have to be determined on taste, so a blind taste test was created and carried out. Well, you heard it here first: Jam first!

Peter Rabbit the Movie

Tomorrow we’re going to see “Peter Rabbit” the movie and we can’t wait. We will, no doubt, sit in the darkness of the cinema with a smile on our faces, remembering yesterday’s wonderful afternoon tea with bunnies on top.

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The Spring Tasting Menu at Buckland Manor

Buckland Manor never disappoints. From the sun-drenched gardens to the grand manor house, the atmosphere promises a delightful experience. The warm welcome from the staff further reinforces this, setting the stage for a memorable afternoon.

This visit, however, offered something truly special: the Spring Tasting Menu. Designed by Head Chef Mark Potts, it’s a culinary journey showcasing the freshest seasonal produce. Local ingredients and herbs mingle with homegrown delights from the hotel’s gardens, creating a symphony of flavours on each plate. For those with special dietary requirements, Mark will rejig the menu to cater for all.

Each course, from amuse-bouches to desserts, is a testament to Chef Potts’ artistry. Local, seasonal vegetables take centre stage, their freshness a delightful reminder of spring’s bounty. Every element works in perfect harmony, a true celebration of the ingredients themselves.

The entire experience is a masterclass in fine dining. 

Friendly, knowledgeable service complements the elegant ambience, making every guest feel pampered and satisfied. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of the season, local produce, and culinary artistry.

Leaving Buckland Manor, the warmth of the afternoon sun lingers, along with the fragrant memory of the spring blooms. The Cotswolds’ magic remains, and the exquisite Spring Tasting Menu will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Ready to embark on your own culinary adventure? Visit Buckland Manor’s website:

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A Festive Afternoon Tea at Buckland Manor ∙ A Tale of Two Teas

The crisp winter air nipped at our cheeks as we approached the gates of Buckland Manor, a beautiful country house hotel just outside Broadway in the tiny village of Buckland. It was a cold but sunny afternoon; the building and small church next door looked stunning in the winter sun.

We were at Buckland Manor to enjoy a Festive Afternoon Tea experience. We had envisioned the enchanting afternoon tea that awaited, a delightful prelude to the festive season, and as we entered and were greeted warmly by the lovely members of staff, our vision came to life. We were seated in the very best seat in the house for an afternoon tea, by the open fireplace in the cosy sofa in the centre of the beautiful lounge, decorated with twinkling lights, boughs of holly, and plump wreaths… what a festive atmosphere, it was just lovely. 

A Tale of Two Teas

We sat down in the comfortable sofa… and the feast began. We were served two afternoon teas, one traditional and one vegan; both were presented to us on three-tiered stands, one laden with the traditional afternoon tea delights and the other overflowing with an array of tempting vegan afternoon tea treats. 

The afternoon teas were created in a way that was testament to Buckland Manor’s commitment to culinary excellence and their ability to cater to every dietary preference. As a vegan, it is often the case that the vegan option is a lesser option… but this was certainly not the case at Buckland Manor.


A Three-Tiered Feast

Our feast began on little starter-plates where we were served two wonderful pre-sandwich treats. Delicious!

And then we started on the tower. The bottom tiers consisted of the classic finger sandwiches with delicate fillings. Each bite was a symphony of flavours, the textures perfectly balanced and the tastes harmonising in perfect unison. Delicious!

The middle tiers were the traditional scone tiers. With jam and clotted cream or vegan butter, the scones were warm and fluffy. Delicious!

A few hours into the experience, we made it to the top tier where festive cakes awaited us. Culinary creativity and ingenuity had gone into crafting each of these well-balanced sweet treats. Delicious!


Hearts full of Festive Cheer

As we sat back and sipped our cups of perfectly brewed Earl Grey tea, we reflected on the remarkable afternoon tea experience we had just had. Buckland Manor had not only indulged our taste buds but also shown us how their creativity with the many festive touches, and the passion of the chefs were evident in each dish.

We left Buckland Manor with hearts full of festive cheer, ready to embrace the magic of the Christmas season.


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A culinary event to remember at Dormy House

September 2017: It’s Friday night and we’re at Dormy House for what will surely be a culinary event to remember. We’re about to enjoy the 7-course taster menu in The Garden Room (now The Back Garden), where Head Chef Sam Bowser and Culinary Director Martin Burge have created menus packed full of the most wonderful flavour combinations.

Pre-dinner drinks

We start the evening off in style in one of the cosy lounges at Dormy House with drinks and pre-dinner snacks. This is a super way to set the mood for what will be one of the most memorable culinary experiences we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying.

The highest level of service

The service level at Dormy House as well as sister properties The Fish Hotel and Foxhill Manor, is always high. From the super sweet guy manning the door who greets us as we get out of our car and the lounge staff who serve up our lovely pre-dinner drinks to the waiters and sommeliers in The Garden Room who expertly help us navigate the menu and choose the right wines with the 21 mouth-watering dishes on the menu, of which we have to choose the seven that speak especially to our taste buds, we are so well looked after from start to finish.

Culinary wonderfullness

We start the evening’s stroll down culinary wonderfulness with an amuse bouche followed by the hot smoked duck breast starter. It is delicious, accompanied by Morello cherry, fried curry leaves and heritage beetroot, we savour every delicious and well balanced mouthful.

Coming back for more

From duck breast to scallops with caramelised bacon and pickled grapes, the 3rd dish of this 7-course menu are little heavenly bites, so well prepared and well balanced, we absolutely love this dish as well. The main is next and we both chose the roast sirloin of beef with braised oxtail and bone marrow. At this point every new dish has been an outstanding experience and the sirloin beef is no exception. Served with an incredibly tasty jus, this is the kind of main course that will keep you coming back for more. It is followed by a pre-dessert, a little pallet cleanser that has the intended effect and now we’re ready for cheese and pudding.

Where do we find the room?

The cheese course is next and this is served from a cheese cart with a selection of cheeses that will make any cheese connoisseur’s mouth water. We choose to try every single kind of cheese (where we find room for them, I will never know, but WE DO!) and they are all outstanding, a cheese lover’s dream.

The sweet, sweet finish

And now it’s finally time for the sweet finish, the dessert. We both choose chocolate pave with lemon and thyme ice cream and it is the perfect finish to the perfect meal. Light and airy, perfectly balanced, delicious and just plain scrummy!

It’s time to share

3 hours has just flown by and what a fantastic food experience we have just enjoyed in The Garden Room at Dormy House. We leave happy, full and excited to go home and get to share our experience with our friends, families and you!

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