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A Sustainable Feast at The Plough Inn in Cold Aston

Our lunch at The Plough Inn in Cold Aston was a gastronomic journey guided by sustainable practices and locally sourced ingredients.

In the picturesque Cotswolds village of Cold Aston, The Plough Inn transcends the charm of a quaint pub by embracing the farm-to-fork movement with unwavering dedication. Our recent lunch there wasn’t just a meal; it was a gastronomic journey guided by sustainable practices and locally sourced ingredients.

Setting the Scene

The inviting ambience of the pub sets the stage for a memorable experience. Exposed beams, cosy nooks, and a crackling fireplace create a warm atmosphere, further enhanced by the attentive service of manager Ovi Bunea and the culinary mastery of head chef Wayne Sullivan. But the true star of the show was the food itself, delivering a culinary experience that ranks among the best in the Cotswolds.

Championing Farm-to-Fork

The Cotswolds is a haven for farm-to-fork dining, and The Plough Inn takes it to a whole new level. Owners Nick and Laura Avery, who reside and farm the beef served in the pub just a mile away, are passionate advocates for this philosophy. This passion resonates in every dish, meticulously crafted by Chef Wayne and his team, showcasing the inherent flavours of high-quality local ingredients.

A Tale of Two Plates

As a vegan, I often present a challenge in a beef-centric environment. However, Chef Wayne rose to the occasion, creating a delectable plant-based meal featuring roasted cabbage, herb-roasted potatoes, pickled cucumbers, and a crisp side salad. Each bite was a testament to his creativity and understanding of flavour profiles.

My dining companion, my carnivorous friend, Vicky, opted for the signature sirloin steak served with beef-dripping chips, Cafe de Paris butter sauce, and a side salad. “Melt-in-your-mouth tender,” “infused with subtle herbal notes,” and “seasoned perfectly” were just a few of the praises heaped upon this dish. The taste was undeniably homegrown, carrying the essence of the land and reflecting the impeccable quality of the farm’s produce.

The Sweet Finale

No meal is complete without dessert, so we indulged in refreshing sorbets and a decadent sticky toffee pudding. Even this seemingly familiar treat held a unique twist – Chef Wayne’s incorporation of beef tallow added depth and richness, further highlighting the restaurant’s commitment to using local ingredients in innovative ways.

Beyond the Plate

Beyond the delicious food, the conversation with Ovi and Wayne unveiled their unwavering dedication to sustainability and their passion for using the bounty of the Cotswolds. This commitment is woven into the very fabric of The Plough Inn, making it more than just a restaurant; it’s an experience that nourishes the senses and celebrates responsible practices.

With its delectable farm-to-fork offerings, warm atmosphere, and unwavering commitment to local produce, The Plough Inn offers an experience that goes beyond a simple meal. It’s a testament to the power of sustainability and a celebration of the unique culinary landscape of the Cotswolds. And to say I’m eager to return goes without saying!

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