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The Cotswold Outpost ∙ Champion of local suppliers

Just beyond the bustle of the High Street in Burford, lies a haven for both the palate and the soul – The Cotswold Outpost. More than just a restaurant and farm shop, here is an eatery and farm shop that embodies the spirit of the Cotswolds, where the very best of locally sourced produce goes over the counter.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely escape or a quick pit stop on the school run, a place to enjoy a big lunch with the family, or a light lunch with friends, The Cotswold Outpost delivers every time.

But The Cotswold Outpost is more than just plates piled high with goodness. It’s a treasure trove of local delights. Browse the small farm shop with produce from nearby farms and businesses, all capturing the taste of the Cotswold countryside.

A small selection of suppliers we must mention

Cacklebean Eggs: A small yet mighty force is cracking open the egg game: Cacklebean Eggs. Forget supermarket pallor; these vibrant beauties, laid by contented hens frolicking in sun-dappled fields, sing with richness and a depth of flavour and their yolks have the richest yellow colour you’ve ever seen.
From fluffy omelets at cosy pubs to golden yolks crowning pastries at village bakeries, Cacklebean’s eggs are found in dishes and baked goods across the Cotswolds, including The Cotswold Outpost.
Supporting this ethical, flavour-bursting wonder egg isn’t just nourishing your body; it’s nurturing the soul of the Cotswolds, one yolk at a time.

Marks Cotswold Bakery: Not just another bread supplier. This is a family-run operation with a commitment to quality and craft. Their sourdough loaves, with their golden crust and tangy crumb, are a staple in Cotswolds’ eateries, including The Cotswold Outpost.
Mark bakes in small batches, using locally sourced ingredients and traditional methods. The result? Bread brimming with character and depth of flavour, each loaf a testament to their dedication to artisanal baking. They deliver fresh daily, ensuring local businesses can offer their customers the very best bread experiences.

Cotswold Organic Dairy: Ditch plastic cartons and plastic promises. In the heart of the Cotswolds, Cotswold Organic Dairy vends a different kind of milk in their glass vending bottles. This isn’t just milk; it’s a farm-to-table fairytale with milk from happy cows grazing in the heart of the Cotswolds, and it is available at the milk vending machine at The Cotswold Outpost.

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