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Learn to bake in the Cotswolds ∙ Vanilla Pod Bakery

Dust off your Whisk! Dive into Delicious Fun at Vanilla Pod Bakery’s Cake Experiences

Step into a world where memories melt into buttercream and laughter sprinkles every cupcake. Vanilla Pod Bakery isn’t just about heavenly treats; it’s about baking joy, one sprinkle at a time. 

With their incredible cake experiences, get ready to whip up unforgettable moments for you and your loved ones. Forget stale celebrations and predictable parties. Vanilla Pod Bakery serves up a smorgasbord of fun, crafting cake-tastic occasions to suit every taste. 

Cake baking party

Picture this: bubbly laughter fills the air as you and your besties unleash your inner pastry Picasso, frosting your way to fondant fame in a cupcake decorating extravaganza. 

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Vanilla Pod Bakery isn’t just about cake; it’s about empowering you to be the cake whisperer you were always meant to be. Their experienced hosts, seasoned sugar art sorcerers, guide you through the sweet mysteries of baking and decorating. Learn how to coax fluffy rainbows from ovens, whip up frosting galaxies like a buttercream Van Gogh, and transform simple cupcakes into edible works of art.

And the best part? You get to savour the fruits (or should we say frosting?) of your labour. Not only do you leave with memories that stick like sprinkles on a donut, but you also get to take your fabulous creations home, a tangible testament to your newfound cake prowess.

So ditch the mundane, ditch the predictable. Make way for Vanilla Pod Bakery’s cake experiences, where joy gets kneaded into every dough, laughter sugars the air, and memories are baked to perfection. Come hungry, leave happy, and armed with enough frosting skills to impress even Mary Berry herself. Your next celebration awaits, just a whisk away at Vanilla Pod Bakery.

Book your Cake Experience with Vanilla Pod Bakery here.

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Savour the flavours of the Cotswolds at The Wood Norton

Nestled within a historic country manor, The Wood Norton offers a dining experience that delights the senses and celebrates the bounty of the Cotswolds. Embark on a culinary journey where seasonal flavours, locally sourced ingredients, and warm hospitality create an unforgettable symphony of taste.

A feast for the eyes and the palate

Step into the elegant dining room, where refined ambience blends seamlessly with the estate’s rich history. Talented chefs, inspired by the region’s best produce, craft menus that evolve with the seasons. Expect artfully presented dishes that showcase fresh, locally sourced ingredients, bursting with flavour.

From afternoon tea to fine dining

Whether you’re seeking a delightful Afternoon Tea, a relaxed lunch with friends, or an intimate fine-dining experience, The Wood Norton caters to every occasion. Indulge in traditional afternoon tea favourites, savour innovative dishes crafted with a contemporary flair, or explore their expertly curated wine list for the perfect pairing.

Exceptional service, unforgettable setting

The Wood Norton’s attentive staff ensures impeccable service that complements the exquisite cuisine. Whether dining indoors or al fresco on the terrace amidst manicured gardens, the atmosphere is as inviting as the menu.

A culinary destination

The Wood Norton’s restaurant is more than just the setting for a meal; it’s an immersive experience. Celebrate a special occasion, gather with loved ones, or simply savour a taste of the Cotswolds’ finest. From the first bite to the last sip, discover why The Wood Norton is a culinary destination for discerning diners.

Book the experience

Make your reservation today and embark on a culinary adventure at The Wood Norton.

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The Cotswolds

Food Tourism in the Cotswolds

Forget the fleeting thrill of tourist trinkets and the hurried snapshots of iconic sights. Today’s traveller craves deeper immersion and experiences that linger.

For some, travel is about ticking off iconic landmarks, and for those travellers we have an abundance of beautiful landmarks in the Cotswolds. But a growing tribe of globetrotters craves deeper immersion, an experience beyond souvenirs and selfies. This yearning has fuelled the rise of culinary tourism, where food becomes the passport to a culture’s heart and soul.

For food tourists, it’s less about the individual dishes and more about the immersive experience. They crave the thrill of discovery, the exhilaration of trying something new, and the deeper connection to a culture that comes from sharing a meal.

In the realm of culinary exploration in the UK, few regions shine as brightly as the Cotswolds. Here, gastronomy isn’t merely a fuel for the body, but a gateway to the heart and soul of the area. With fields of plump strawberries bathed in Cotswold sunshine, fruit orchards in their thousands, vineyards with row after row of grapes to be turned into English wine, to mention but a few… a sip or a bite of each is an ode to generations who nurtured this land and coaxed forth the fruit of their labour.

When you next visit the Cotswolds, venture beyond the postcard-perfect villages and attractions and discover a treasure of culinary delights. Wander through bustling farmers’ markets, vibrant kaleidoscopes of colour and aroma, where plump cheeses vie for attention, and crusty loaves are still warm from the oven. 

Seek out hidden gems like – 

…and many, many, many more. 

Travelling the Cotswolds with a curious palate isn’t just a journey; it’s a quest for memories that linger long after you’ve returned home. So, pack your sense of adventure and stoke your culinary curiosity. Let the Cotswolds tantalise your taste buds, nourish your soul, and unravel its vibrant tale – one delicious bite at a time.

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The Cotswolds

Unveiling the spirit of The Boutique Distillery

Right in the heart of the Cotswolds, lies a distillery fueled by passion, sustainability, and a dash of moonshine history. This isn’t your average spirit maker; this is The Boutique Distillery, where eco-conscious practices meet award-winning gins and rums, each sip whispering a tale of craftsmanship and terroir.

Their story begins, not in gleaming stills, but in the backyard of a local moonshiner. It was here, back in the 1980s, that the distillery’s founder learned the art of coaxing magic from grains and molasses. Organic produce, pure mountain water, and a hand-built copper still – these were the humble beginnings of a spirit named No.45, a bold, unfiltered whiskey that laid the foundation for their future endeavors.

Fast forward to 2018, and a new chapter unfolds. The Boutique Distillery is born, resurrecting the legendary No.45 and breathing life into “Ginavive,” a one-of-a-kind copper still destined to craft spirits worthy of global acclaim. Sustainability becomes their cornerstone. Malvern Hill Spring water, chosen for its purity and Queen Elizabeth’s royal approval, flows through systems powered by 100% renewable energy. Upcycled materials find new life in their stills, showcasing the beauty of resourcefulness.

And the spirits? They’re a symphony of flavour, meticulously composed using small-batch methods and hand-bottled with love. Their Dry Gin, a multi-award winner, leads the dance with juniper’s regal presence, followed by a playful spice, floral whispers of lavender and chamomile, and a zesty citrus finale. Each bottle, numbered and adorned with hand-dipped wax, speaks of their artisanal dedication.

But it isn’t just gin that graces their shelves. The HAKA Premium Rum, born during lockdown 3.0, tantalizes with notes of ripe banana, caramel, vanilla, and smoky oak, a testament to their mastery of diverse spirits. And their latest creation, the Pink Raspberry & Hibiscus Gin, celebrates local botanicals and fresh raspberries, adding a luscious depth to every sip.

The Boutique Distillery’s journey continues in 2023, marked by exciting collaborations with Cotswold farmers to create personalised spirits using their farm-fresh bounty. Their story has even captivated the hearts of Countryfile viewers, painting a picture of rural passion and a love for the land.

So, when you raise a glass of their award-winning gin or rum, know that you’re not just savouring a delicious spirit; you’re tasting the culmination of decades of tradition, eco-conscious innovation, and unwavering dedication to craft. It’s a taste of Gloucestershire, bottled with love, ready to fill your glass and your spirit with the warmth of The Boutique Distillery’s passion. Visit The Boutique Distillery.

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