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A Toast to the Cotswolds’ Thriving Coffee Culture

For years, the Cotswolds have conjured images of rolling hills, quaint villages steeped in timeless charm, and quintessential afternoon teas. But amidst the scones and clotted cream, a new aroma is wafting through the air of the Cotswolds: the invigorating scent of freshly roasted coffee.

Forget supermarket brews; in the Cotswolds there is a dedicated community of independent coffee roasters, all crafting unique blends and all passionate artisans brewing up a revolution, cup by aromatic cup.

From the robust to the smooth, sustainably sourced Colombian, Peruvian, and Costa Rican beans, to name but a few, have found their way to us from expert coffee roasters like Golden Sheep Coffee in Stroud. When roasted, blended, and made into warm cups of coffee, each sip is a journey, taking you across continents and into the heart of the roaster’s passion right here in the Cotswolds.

Image credit: Golden Sheep Coffee

Beyond the Bean

The coffee renaissance in the Cotswolds extends far beyond the roasting process. Independent cafes are popping up like charming mushrooms, each offering a unique haven for coffee connoisseurs with locally roasted and blended coffee beans offered in their coffees. But one of these cafes is Ritual Coffee Roasters in Cheltenham, and unlike the others, they were a coffee roastery first and then added the cafe. And they’re hugely popular with locals and visitors who come in to buy their coffee beans and to grab a coffee in the Brew Bar where baristas are on hand to offer advice on beans and brew methods, and make sure you’re well looked after in terms of great coffee to go or to enjoy in-house. And if you’re hungry, The Ritual Kitchen cooks an all day brunch, amazing sandwiches and burgers, cakes, and healthy treats. 

Image credits: Ritual Coffee Roasters

Size matters (not one bit)

In the Cotswolds, we have one of the smallest commercial coffee roasteries in all of the UK, roasting and serving coffee since 2010 in Stow-on-the-Wold, Stow Town Coffee. From their espresso bar in the centre of the town, you can pick up a bag of beans, ground to your exact requirements and bagged freshly while you wait.

If you’re not in Stow but still fancy a Stow Town Coffee, they supply a small number of cafes in neighbouring towns and villages, like The Cotswold Outpost in Burford and The Hide in Tewkesbury, who swear by their beans.

Image credits: Stow Town Coffee

A Sustainable Sip:

The Cotswolds’ coffee culture is more than just a trendy caffeine fix; it’s rooted in a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Many Cotswold coffee roasters prioritise fair trade practices, supporting small-scale farmers and ensuring environmentally responsible cultivation. You’ll find organic beans, compostable packaging, and a genuine reverence for the land in every cup.

So, the next time you visit the Cotswolds, seek out the hidden gems brewing around every corner. With each sip of locally roasted coffee, you’ll discover a vibrant community, a commitment to quality, and a taste of the region’s reinvigorated spirit. The Cotswolds is no longer just about afternoon tea; they’re a brewing ground for coffee connoisseurs and a testament to the region’s ever-evolving charm.

Image credit: Golden Sheep Coffee

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