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Sunday Brunch at Tewkesbury Park

Sunday Brunch… now, how that hasn’t been a regular occurrence for my family and me, I simply don’t know, because we just rediscovered the joys of Sunday Brunch at Tewkesbury Park and it was among the most wonderful experiences we’ve had as a family for a long time.

Fun & Games to start

Our Sunday Brunch experience at Tewkesbury Park started before we even sat down in the lovely restaurant. We rocked up at the beautiful hotel on this sunny Sunday, and we decided to spend some time outside before brunch, enjoying the unrivalled views of the Cotswolds and the stunning golf course, playing games, mini-golfing a little and walking all around the grounds. The perfect setting for family fun with the kids.

The delicious main event

Then it was time for the main event and we made our way into the spangly new ‘Mint’ restaurant, a really lovely space to enjoy a nice meal in beautiful surroundings. We’ve had breakfast and dinner in ‘Mint’ before, so we knew to expect a high standard of service and a calm and friendly atmosphere, and we were met with just that. But what we were also met with, was an abundance of the most mouthwatering and delicious looking food spread over 3 buffets. It looked amazing.

A wonderful Sunday Brunch

We were seated and almost couldn’t wait to find out whether everything that looked so delicious, would also taste delicious. But of course it did… more than delicious. Every single dish we enjoyed was created with care and love of only the very best ingredients. And there was something for every person, every taste, every mood. The usual breakfast and lunch items alongside Tewkesbury Park specialties. Wonderful.

An entire buffet was dedicated to all things sweet, so we finished our wonderful Sunday Brunch experience with puddings, free flowing chocolate in a fountain, delicious fruits and sweets and cakes. Oh, it was heavenly.

I cannot recommend the Sunday Brunch at Tewkesbury Park enough. For the culinary offering, for the beautiful setting, for the great service and for the overall experience, you simply must book yourself and your entire family in.

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